The Project

The Aarli Mayi Aquaculture Project is enabling the vision of the Kimberley Saltwater Country people.

The Dambimangari, Mayala and Bardi Jawi Traditional are the custodians of the land and saltwater on whose country exists an undeveloped opportunity for a world class sustainable aquaculture industry and associated service industries.

The Aarli Mayi Aquaculture Project has produced a Bankaable Feasibility Study that proves the concept and provides a blueprint for cultural, environmental and economic sustainable industry.

Kimberley Saltwater people want aquaculture, they wish to endorse the concept and commit to the Project's success. The Aarli Mayi Aquaculture Project and its Proponents believe aquaculture will provide the foundation and beginning for an independent commercial future, healthy communities, and responsibility for healthy saltwater country.

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